RTO Policies and Procedures

This package is a comprehensive Quality Management System (QMS) that has been developed to provide the basis for a well documented, systemised, quality focused and compliant RTO of any size.

We have done all the hard work for you by mapping the many requirements of setting up an RTO and put them into a comprehensive system that not only ensures you can operate compliantly but also efficiently.

  • RTO policies and procedures
  • Forms, templates, checklists and flowcharts
  • Central register templates for loggingcompliance activities
  • Implementation guide, with annotated instructions
  • Compliance Matrix (demonstrating how each document relates to the new standards)
  • VET Resources Folder – recommended VET resources provided for ease of access
  • Up to three hours of phone support from RTO Advice Group Pty. Ltd. to assist with implementation (if required)
  • Three months of free updates

We are quality focused

Our documents suggest a thorough and best practice approach to compliance maintenance to ensure you not only meet the standards but are able to implement high quality management techniques.

Suitable to any size RTO

The documents provided in this system have been written with the scope of a broad RTO in mind and are designed to be able to meet the needs of most Registered Training Organisations within Australia of any size.

Understand the needs of staff and students

We have included a range of additional forms and tools that are easy for anyone to understand and use.

  • This product is Licensed by RTO Advice Group according to our QMS License Agreement.
  • The documents are provided in Word and Excel formats and can be easily customised to suit your individual RTO needs.
  • Unlike many other systems on the market, this system contains detailed, easy-to-follow policies and procedures that facilitate best practice approaches to RTO operations and guide you on effective implementation.
  • You can add, delete or change details to suit your RTO. For ease of use, all documents include fields for your RTO’s name and contact details with highlighted sections where information needs to be changed to suit your specific requirements.
  • Each document is coded according to quality area, and related policy and contains a Document Control section detailing related standards and other publishing details.

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