Have you purchased resources and been disappointed in the past? 

Our customer guarantee will put your mind at rest.

Customer Guarantee

We guarantee that, should any of our Assessment Kit resources result in a non-compliant audit outcome for validity of tools, we will make the required rectifications free of charge. This includes rectifications in relation to the tools and documents provided by Eduworks Resources and does not cover any other non-compliance or audit outcome.

This guarantee applies where:

  • the audit has been conducted by a regulatory body in Australia – that is, Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA), Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority (VRQA) or Training and Accreditation Council WA (TAC)
  • a copy of the client’s audit report is sent to info@eduworks.com.au (or directly to our Customer Service Officer) within two working days from receipt of the audit report
  • a copy of the resources and Training and Assessment Strategy presented by the client at audit has been provided to Eduworks Resources
  • the outcome is not influenced by changes made to the tools by the client after purchase
  • the tools have been used for their intended purpose, and the Training and Assessment Strategy presented at audit by the client clearly and appropriately describes the tools and their intended purpose.

We will:

  • within the notice period given by the regulator, make the rectifications to the tools where academically consistent with the training package, principles of assessment and rules of evidence (only applicable when the audit report has been forwarded to us within two working days from receipt of audit report)
  • provide you with a written rectification response and all updated files.

Please note: Eduworks Resources reserves the right to disagree with the audit report and refrain from making audit rectifications. Eduworks Resources will assist clients with a response to the auditor to have the finding overturned.


Does this apply to all of your products?

This guarantee only applies to Assessment Kit resources provided by Eduworks Resources.

How do I use this guarantee?

In order to request us to make changes, Eduworks Resources requires the following:

Email us at info@eduworks.com.au with at least 15 working days notice of the requirement to rectify resources. You will need to include the following in your email:

  • A full copy of the audit report
  • A copy of the relevant Training and Assessment Strategy presented at audit so we can ensure the tools were described and used for their purpose

Please contact us at info@eduworks.com.au if you have questions or would like to discuss your needs.

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